The first thing you should know about me is that everyone calls me by my nickname, Connie. I’m kinda quirky, possess Type-A organizational skills, love food (but hate cooking), rarely sit still and once had someone refer to me as a “real-life Muppet”. (No joke. I wasn’t mad about it.) Aside from photographing all of the lovers, I’m a Netflix-bingeing, popcorn loving book nerd with a love for traveling and a desire to explore.

I also love live music, the Fall, my niece Emma, my puppy Apollo, whiskey cocktails in the Winter or a nice cold rosé  in the Summer. A morning person, my favorite time of day is that pretty stillness right before sunrise and  my favorite place is Maine.

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 found Connie through instagram on a total whim, and my goodness am I so lucky I did. My fiance and I have had a pretty long engagement and with that as I'm sure a lot of brides can relate to, there are so many changes. We are now 5 months out and Connie has accommodated us and our new requests without hesitation. She is ALWAYS there and it's so comforting to have someone work like that with you in preparation of the big day. She's our wedding photographer but has become a friend in this process and I am so grateful for her!