April 23, 2018


I first met Laura at a bridal show I participated in in January. We met and totally clicked, and when she won the engagement session I had raffled off I was over the moon excited. Flash forward a couple of months and I found myself in Laura’s home photographing her and her fiancee Pete. I love in-home engagement sessions and if I’m telling you the truth, they’re my favorite. There’s nothing quite as intimate as photographing two lovers in their space, you’re in their domain and they can kick back, let their hair down and just put 100% of their attention into the other person. I went to Laura and Peter’s house one Sunday morning and was immediately greeted by Gus, one of the cutest little pups I’ve ever seen. After chasing the dog and trying to get him to let me hold him for 10 minutes, I gave up, turned mu attention to the two lovers in front of me and photographed Laura and Pete as they hung out in their home together, doing everything from making french toast to adorably dancing to a John Legend song in their family room. I knew Laura was a doll but it was awesome to meet Pete and see that he was just as great and photograph their love, which runs deep.

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