September 23, 2017


If I had to choose a single word to describe Jenn and Johns’ engagement session, it’s passion. Red hot fiery passion. I met the two of them at Eolia Mansion last September and we were shooting under a time restraint (Jenn and John had been delayed by an unnatural, hellish amount of traffic) and Harkness Memorial State Park closes at sunset which we were fast approaching. To say I was a little nervous was an understatement; when you’ve got 2 hours to photograph a couple life is easy. When you find that 2 hours has dwindled to 50 minutes, the light is fading fast and you’ve got less than an hour to make some magic happen, you start to sweat a little, and not from the heat. Lest to say, the moment I saw Jenn and John it was go time. I pointed my camera at these two, gave some minimal directions and BAM. Excuse my French but holy sh*t I was BLOWN. AWAY. Their passion for each other was off the charts. It wasn’t like they were rolling in the sand creating some NSFW stuff or anything, but you could totally tell that these two are seriously into one another and, as their photographer, I was pumped. You can’t fake a passion like that and hot damn did these two have it, their love burned bright like the sunset we photographed under. We spent most of our time together at the beach with our toes in the water but we managed to take a couple of shots at Eolia Mansion before security basically chased us out of the park. All in all, it may have been the most successful hour of my entire life.

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